The Hidden Life of Wonder Woman

The Hidden Life of Wonder Woman

51P5za2JLlL - The Hidden Life of Wonder Woman








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         51P5za2JLlL - The Hidden Life of Wonder Woman

        Wonder Woman’s life behind the creators mind finally revealed.


        ….As beautiful as Hera, as strong as Aphrodite, and as radical of an idea as the woman suffrage movement–Wonder Woman was hope for the female race. Wonder Woman was built from her foundation up to show a new race of women: Patriotic, strong and independent, but she also mandatorily –for the time–needed a subversive side to her so that she would be widely accepted to the audience William Moulton Marston was aiming for. Emblematic implements symbolizing America and Marston’s most controversial hidden personas trickled through her illustrations and adventures. This hero reflected her creator’s environment, allowing her to do as her script writers wanted. Unfortunately, making Wonder Woman malleable to those who had control of her, but because of her important ties to suffragists at the time, such as Margaret Sanger, Sadie Holloway, Ethel Byrne, and Olive Byrne, made sure she was able to regress back to her strong roots Marston originally intended for her. These women inspired Marston in aspects of Wonder Woman’s character…


        “Bailey Standley emphasizes every characteristic of Wonder Woman’s creation in such a short time.”

        ~Smart Reviews CEO

        “There has always been a mystery about this fantastic super hero and I believe this author has cracked the case.”

        ~J. Terry

        “If  you are one of those people that were mystified by Wonder Woman’s radical creation then this is a eBook for you.” 

        ~Author Bailey Standley

        Wonder Woman was a shocking phenomenon when she first became noticed in the public sphere. Everything you wanted to know about super hero’s comes true when you read this eBook by Bailey Standley. Now that he has taught me so much about Wonder Woman I can now apply that knowledge to the other super heroes I love.

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