How to Buy Bitcoin On

How to Buy Bitcoin On

1.First you create a Paxful account. Then You will get a free Bitcoin wallet instantly on Site.

paxf - How to Buy Bitcoin On

Second is to Find a Seller.

  1. Want $1-$30? Try GIFT CARDS. Target, Amazon, Walmart, Bestbuy, Gamestop gift cards all work. You can also use ONEVANILLA prepaid gift cards as well. Just buy one at any store and search for a good deal.

  2. Want to buy with a DEBIT, CREDIT or prepaid gift card?  Some sellers may ask for ID and the price will be higher to cover their risk BUT you can get bitcoin instantly.

  3. Want the BEST PRICE? Buy with BANK CASH DEPOSIT. Start talking to a vendor and get his bank account #, deposit the cash to the teller, no need to mention bitcoin to them as they will have no clue, You’re just paying for bitcoins to the vendor with cash you don’t need a bank account at the bank or ID, just CASH.

  4. Want to buy bitcoin with PAYPAL, NETSPEND, or other online wallets?

Once you read through the seller’s offer terms and are happy with them enter the amount of bitcoin you wish to but and click BUY.

This opens the trade with the instructions and the chat box. Once you follow all the instructions, send the required files and documents and make a payment, click “I HAVE PAID” button. If you do not click “I have paid”, the trade will expire and bitcoins will be released from the escrow back to the seller.

When a trade starts the seller’s bitcoins are transferred automatically to our secure escrow and at this point, the seller can’t cancel the trade. Only a buyer can cancel a trade at any moment and bitcoins will be transferred from escrow back to seller’s wallet. I the buyer hasn’t made a payment and not marked as payment completed within payment window timeframe, a trade will be auto-cancelled and bitcoins moved back to seller’s wallet.

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